woensdag 8 oktober 2014


In july, I gratudated from ArtEZ! Finally I have become a professional illustrator. For my final
project I made a childrensbook about a trollike monster that likes to tease the people that live in his town, and eats dogs for supper.

I wanted to try and make a somewhat scarier story for children then you usually see. In my opinion, there should be way more scary stories. I loved all movies that made me want to look away when I was a little kid. It felt like an adventure watching it. I think it's the same with books. Most books and films for children nowadays have gone soft. With only a few exceptions. I wanted to see how far I could go and wanted to see wether kids would still like the book, I balanced the scariness of it out by making colourfull and slightly humorous illustrations.

I do however think it still needs some work. A few tweaks in the story and then it should be okay.

Anyways, here's a few illustrations from the book! 

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