zondag 1 februari 2015


So I know I have been crazy silent on here. I have been working on a contest entry for ages, and a lot of other time went to trying to find a job somewhere. No luck so far. I am poor and in DIRE need of money.

SO I thought, maybe I should do commissions. I am not sure whether you guys will be interested at all in an artwork by me. But yeah. I thought I'd give it a shot.

I will have to think up a price schedule, though I think it will probably depend on how many hours went into the drawing/ painting.

I will work up to A2 format.

If you are interested at all, please send me a message on this email-adress:joleinkirpestein1990@gmail.com

Anyways, so that's that part.

And have one of my finished drawings for the contest. I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to put it up, but since others have no trouble publishing their work online, I don't think it's that big of a deal.

maandag 22 december 2014

Alice in Wonderland process

So just to upload and show you guys what I am working at. This is for a dutch magazine(BoekieBoekie) contest. We have to illustrate poems inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. You guys have seen some old stuff. My first try was with gouache, though I did love that, I am kind of slow at it. It took me a week. Ahaha.... >.>

This was the gouache tryout. I'm not such a big fan of everything except the animals XD ha.

Hence, Photoshop!
I thought maybe it would be fun to give a little insight in my process

I started out with a fiveminute doodle. Trying to come up with several before I start sketching properly.

The final sketch

I fill it in with a basecolour. By mixing up colors with the background, I get a solid image with a nice balance in colors,

Silhouette check! This tells me whether the shapee of the illustration is as dynamic as I want it. 

annnnnd painting!! Using some references loosely

And this is 5 hours later. Lawl. Still slow, but less messy!

woensdag 10 december 2014


Don't you hate it when you come home full of inspiration and that you instantly get swept off your feet by some illness? I do. I have honestly not been ill like this since my teenage years. Which is why drawing and painting goes terribly slow, since my head feels too heavy to hold up. And whenever I try to speak to someone I start coughing and hacking away. I know. Super ladylike right?

But okay for starters!! For those of you who do not know already, I had the incredible pleasure of being able to go to my very first ‘CTNX event this year!! And MAN was it awesome!!!

It was so scary at first, being in LA all by myself. I've never been on a plane for that long all by myself. And then the motel I stayed in at first was a challenge at a whole different level. Not that it was filthy, it just had that CSI murdervibe going on haha. Luckily they screwed up my booking so I could stay at the Marriot Hotel for the rest of the event.

I met so many amazing people!! And got to overflow my head with inspiration and advice. I am seriously so pumped up to improve myself now and get into second gear.

I also met Chris Oatley, who is awesome and has featured me on his blog!!
Here >> http://chrisoatley.com/upcoming2015/.

So now I've gone from practically no pageviews to over a thousand!!! IN JUST DAYS. I mean what!? I am so happy haha!
And he was seriously so cool to talk to as well.

( SO for all you new watchers, WELCOME! And I'm very glad you like my work!! I shall try and be good and update regulary from now on. I'm also getting a tumblr account, and for those of you who have instagram, I have that too and I update a lot of doodles and in progress work there. So that account will be slightly more alive then this one. )

I got to do an actual job interview at LAIKA, which is my ultimate dreamstudio!! I did not get the job haha but I am very much motivated to 'up' my skills so I can work in the Animation Industry. Hopefully within five years.

This has all been so surreal. Since I was 14 I have dreamed of becoming a development artist. I watched as many making of video's as I could get my hands on. And then suddenly, 10 years later, I discover that it's actually a real possibility that I could succeed in getting my dream job! How cool is that? I'm blown away for sure.

So an incredibly crammed report from my CTN experience :). If you ever get the chance to go, GO! Because you will never get a bigger dose of inspiration.

Have a few pictures of my journey there ;)

I think my face might've repeatedly twitched back into this expression. I was so nervous getting on the airplane.

Though flying does provide you with some exellent and pacifying sights.

The murdery motel I was staying in.

All off my paranoia went out of the window once I stepped into the sunny streets the next morning.

I was shocked at the portionsize of this salad. I could only eat a third of it. It really was 
delicious though. 

Again... SHOCKED. I have seriously never seen a pizza so big.
This was at a Dutch artists in LA party that Wilbert Plijnaar hosted! I had such a good time.
They made me feel right at home again. 

Again, another huge portion. I am so original. 


My new and improved hotel room. 

All the things I came back with after my first day at CTN.

I noticed dad(who had bought me the ticket for my birthday, THANKS DAD, best present ever!)  had thought of a company name for me. I didn't realise it untill the second day. I kept thinking ; what the heck is 'JKCreative?' 



And this is me,  finally worn out by my jetlag to the point that coffee just didn't help anymore. Thankfully this was just before boarding my plane. 

Doodle to keep myself from falling asleep and missing my flight. 

HUZZAH, a whole plane seating row to myself!! I used all the chairs together as a bed. Best flight home ever!! 

And some amazing views to wrap my up my journey. 

Because you took the effort of reading all of this crap, I'll give you guys a little preview of what I am working on now. It's progressing slowly because of my throbbing head and my lack of breath. But I'm getting there, after this one about 6 more to go. And then I'm ready to send it in to the contest I am competing in!

Here it is:

dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Alice in Wonderland Doodles

Just feeling around a bit still. The contest deadline for the Alice in Wonderland theme isn't for ages yet, So I'm mostly exploring with characters and ways of colouring it on photoshop.
So have this as a little update from last week.

This last one does look like I overdid it a bit haha, for it to not be an actual illustration I want to end up using. But it still suffices for portfolio work :P