woensdag 6 februari 2013

Stuck comic

So here's a comic I did in the beginning of 2010.
We went on our so called 'Bootcamp' in Belgium with our entire Comic Class.
It was ofcourse called a bootcamp because we had to work our asses off.
The assignment we got was to make a story, but we all had the same village as our location.
And the same happenings around it. So there was a snowstorm, and I decided to focus on that.
My characters ended up being cut off from the rest of the world due to bad weather.

This comic had to be made within the 4 days we stayed there. So it was a bit of a rush. But even though the story may not work completely, I like looking back at this.

Looking back at it now, the ending's a bit random, or maybe just too quickly told.
But thats probably because of the 27 page limit we were given haha.
I should've just ignored it.

Still like it though. For some weird reason.

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