dinsdag 6 december 2011


I went to Bali for a project that introduced art in primary school classes there. Gave a workshop about induviality in art, and what the value is of just that. How children will be able to discover whole new sides of themselves through expressing their thoughts on paper. And how they would be able to make choices by themselves rather then following the rest of the crowd. 

The illustrations I made here were for a children's book that I also produced there, since one of the people in the project worked with the importance of reading asked me to make a children's book, to show the teachers that you could easily think up a story yourself, no matter how simple and illustrate it. To make it more fun to read for the children, which would ofcourse result in better learning. 

It was a bit of a haste, but I managed to get these done in a day. The story is about a boy that had been trusted by his dad to guard over their family's sawa (rice-field) 
While being on his post though, he keeps being harrased by birds which are way too big for him to handle. Eventually he finds a solution.  :) 

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